In the shop right now

2024-02-06 New made “Shuttle small” in several beutiful kind of wood is now in the shop. Get one here.

2024-01-26 A site update has caused problems to contact us. The problem is now solved.

2024-01-17 The new year has surprised us with cold weather and snow. What will be better than warm yourself up with learning a new hobby? We have beginners kit for handspinners or why not a mini turkish spindle for you that already know how to spin. Or why not use your handspun yarn weaving bands in a new inkle loom? We have the tools for you.

2023-11-29 Time to think that Christmas is approaching. In order for us to be able to deliver orders before Christmas, we ask you to take into account Postnord’s delivery times and feel free to add a few extra days in view of the distribution of shipments every other day. We will also not be able to replenish our stock because our wood craftsman will have an eye operation and will have to refrain from work for the next few months. Therefore, “first come, first served” applies to existing products in the online store.

2023-10-08 We have updated our shop. To please you who have asked for our wool combs, our shelves are now filled up.

2023-07-08 Summertime. Time for beeing together and learn something new. We have startkits for spindle spinning with a spindle and wool, or why not start to weave the band you have longed for. We have the perfect inkle loom to carry along and put on your lap when weaving.

2023-05-15 Some new pair of wool combs MiniMidi with holder are now in the shop. As always it is ” first come first served”.

2023-04-17 We continue our work with the manufacture of craft products and update the online store continuously while the work on the farm is in full swing. We try to take advantage of nice weather for outdoor work and rainy days are set aside for work in the workshop.

2023-04-06 Temporary silence in the workshop due to upgrading of equipment. New planer that is to replace the old obsolete one, requires relocation of machines to fit in and function maximally.

2023-01-29 Another category is added to the shop – Wool – with some different fiber fineness. Note especially the Swedish Fine wool washed as wool-locks, just gorgeous to spin.

2023-01-20 We are making another attempt to add Payson/Svea as a payment option. If you encounter problems let us know. It’s still possible to pay with Swish (only in Sweden) and PayPal.