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2023-01-29 Another category is added to the shop – Wool – with some different fiber fineness. Note especially the Swedish Fine wool washed as wool-locks, just gorgeous to spin.

2023-01-20 We are making another attempt to add Payson/Svea as a payment option. If you encounter problems let us know. It’s still possible to pay with Swish (only in Sweden) and PayPal.

2023-01-09 A new year – 2023 – and we are slowly returning to normal activity. If you wait for a message from us please confirm, in your e-mail program, that we have the right to send you e-mail .

2022-12-31 Last day of the Year and we wish all customers and visitors A Happy New Year. The shipping prices will be adjusted due to Postnord’s rising prices.

2022-12-13 We have added a bunch ofTurkish Mini spindles of different kinds. There are also some singel row Mini combs for instant delivery.

2022-12-02 Time is flying towards Christmas. Note – if you shall get yor order in time, you will have to order soon. In Sweden Postnord fetch our packages twice or three times a week so add en extra day or two for shipping.

2022-11-26 Now most things seem to work in the online store. Thank you for your patience while we worked to fix the issues we encountered while we were working on changing the software and location.

2022-11-23 It is now possible to pay with PayPal.

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