High Whorl spindles

Hand made spindles with hand-turned whorl and shaft. The spindles are made of different wood, with birch as our favorite, but we also use apple, walnut and more to make the whorls. High whorl spindles are faster than low whorl spindles and are more demanding when talking about feeding fibers. The shape of the spindles make them more or less suitable for different spinners.Our spindles named TT1 and also TT3 has the weight at the rim that makes the spindle spin longer. Depending on the fiber diameter the spinning time can be prolonged or be reduced. The weight of the spindle, determines which fiber diameter suites the spindle best. With TT3, which have a weight of about 40 grams, you can ply fine to medium size yarn .

Our newest spindle, Emmy, has the weight more central but also increased lift due to the low weight and the dome-shaped whorl. This spindle is best for spinning fine fibers to make a lace yarn. The spindle get high speed in a short time when turning it along your leg.

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